100 day ab challenge

About this 100 day ab challenge

100 day ab challenge

Intensity level: beginner/intermediate

Benefits: this challenge works all the layers of the abdominal muscles. This means that as well as training the visible 6-pack layer, it also strengthens the core muscles which pull the abdominal area in flat and support the spine.

Safety: please read the general safety information here.

What you need: an exercise mat or some other form of cushioning for your spine. See an exercise mat buying guide here.

100 day ab challenge chart

There are 5 exercises included in the challenge, with a different combination each day. The charts show the reps for each exercise every day and instructions for the exercises are below the chart.

100 day ab challenge chart 2

Exercise instructions

Reverse crunch

100 day ab challenge - Double leg stretch

100 day ab challenge - Scissors

Bicycle crunch

Straight leg crunch


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