30 day strength challenge for beginners

About this 30 day strength challenge for beginners

Beginner strength challenge

Intensity level: beginner

Benefits: this is a whole body workout that will tone up your upper body, core muscles and legs

Safety: please read the general safety information here

Warm up: you should warm up your muscles and joints by doing the warm up exercises shown in the exercise instructions section below.

What you need:

30 day strength challenge for beginners reps chart

The challenge is split into leg days, upper body days and core days. The chart shows the reps for each exercise every day and instructions for the exercises are below the chart. 

30 day strength challenge for beginners chart 3

Exercise instructions

Warm up exercises

Legs days

Do 12 knee lifts before you do your leg exercises

Knee lift

Upper body days

Do 5 arm circles before you do your upper body exercises.

Warm up Arm circles

Core days

To warm up for the side bends and rotations, just do the exercises without the weights. Do 6 repetitions of each exercise on each side for your warm up.

Challenge exercises



Wall push up

Shoulder press

Side bend with weight

Upper body rotations

The benefits of strength training

1. Stronger Bones and Reduced Osteoporosis Risk

Strength training increases bone density, thereby minimizing the risk of osteoporosis. This is particularly important for women, as they are more prone to bone loss with age.

2. Enhanced Muscle Mass and Metabolism

Muscle tissue plays a significant role in boosting metabolism, which aids in weight management and reduces body fat. Stronger muscles also enhance posture, balance, and overall physical function.

3. Improved Cardiovascular Health

Strength training strengthens the heart and improves cardiovascular efficiency, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This contributes to a reduced risk of heart disease and strokes.

4. Enhanced Mood and Reduced Stress

Strength training stimulates the release of endorphins, natural mood boosters that combat stress and elevate mood. It also promotes better sleep, further contributing to mental well-being.

5. Reduced Risk of Injuries

Stronger muscles and improved flexibility enhance joint stability, reducing the likelihood of injuries, especially during everyday activities and athletics.

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