30 day wall sit challenge

About this 30 day wall sit challenge

Intensity level: beginner/intermediate

Benefits: this challenge works all the leg muscles, especially the front of the thighs.

Safety: please read the general safety information here. Please also be aware that as this exercise is a static contraction (ie the muscles are held in one position), it is not recommended for anyone with high blood pressure.

What you need: if you’re working on a floor with a slippery surface, then you need to either be barefoot or have footwear that is non-slip.

30 day wall sit challenge chart

These are the hold times for each day of the challenge. See below the chart for how to do the wall sit.

30 day wall sit challenge chart

Wall sit

About static exercise

Static exercises, also known as isometric exercises, are a form of exercise that involves contracting and holding a muscle or muscle group in a fixed position without any joint movement.

Advantages of static exercise include:

  • Improved strength in the muscles worked
  • Low injury risk – holding a static contraction does not have the same risk of injury as exercises which involve movement
  • Improved mind-body connection – maintaining a static contraction requires focus on the muscles involved and attention to posture

Disadvantages of static exercise include:

  • The muscle is only worked in one position – dynamic strength is not trained
  • Holding the same position can be boring and uninspiring
  • As noted above, it causes a rise in blood pressure

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