Running for weight loss challenge

About this running for weight loss challenge

Running weight loss challenge

Intensity level: beginner

Benefits: running and walking are beneficial to heart and circulatory health, as well as helping with weight control. They can also be beneficial to mental health, muscle tone and flexibility.

Safety: please read the general safety information here.

What you need: you need comfortable clothes, preferably with layers that you can remove. Although it’s not necessary to buy expensive running shoes, you should wear training shoes that will cushion some of the impact of running. You’ll need something to time your intervals with – either a stopwatch app on your phone or a fitness watch. You should also take a bottle of water with you.

Planning a route

Each day you’ll cover a different distance, so to keep route planning simple:

  • Plan a route that is at least 1.5km/1mile in length. This should be long enough for all the runs, including warm ups and cool downs (see below).
  • Each day, run (or walk) along your route for half that day’s time and then turn around and come back. So, for example on day 1 you would follow your route for the warm up plus 2.5 minutes running before turning around. As you progress through the challenge, you will be travelling further along your route each day.

Running indoors

You can also do this challenge on a treadmill. There are advantages to both indoor and outdoor running.

Advantages of the treadmill

With a treadmill it’s easy to set your walking speed and keep your speed continuous.  You don’t need to worry about route planning and, if you want the challenge of an uphill walk then it’s easy to increase the gradient. Timing your intervals is taken care of too. You also aren’t affected by bad weather.

Advantages of walking outside

On the other hand, the predictable conditions of the treadmill make it less of an all-over body challenge because you don’t have to cope with uneven surfaces and changes in direction. Walking in the street or park is also free of course, whereas gym membership or buying a home treadmill can be expensive. You’ll get the benefit of fresh outdoor air, which is good for mental as well as physical health.

See a treadmill buying guide here.

Running for weight loss challenge chart

There’s 30 minutes of fat burning exercise each day, starting with walking and working up to 25 minutes running over the 30 days.

Running for weight loss chart 2

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