Two week tone up challenge

About this two week tone up challenge

2 week tone up challenge

Intensity level: beginner/intermediate

Benefits: a full body strengthening and cardio fitness plan

Safety: please read the general safety information here

Please also be aware that static contractions like plank holds and wall sits can cause an increase in blood pressure. This is not a problem for healthy individuals, but if you have high blood pressure it’s not advisable to do static holds.

Warm up: you should warm up your muscles and joints by doing the warm up exercises shown in the exercise instructions section below.

What you need:

  • An exercise mat or some other form of cushioning for ab exercises. See and exercise mat buying guide here.
  • Training shoes to cushion the impact of running and the high impact indoor cardio exercises.
  • Some sort of timer. Either a fitness watch, a stopwatch or a phone app.

Two week tone up challenge chart

The challenge is split up into 4 different workouts:

Running – on run days you walk to warm up and cool down, with a run in the middle. The running interval gets longer as you work through the challenge.

Legs, abs & indoor cardio – on the indoor exercise days you start with with 2 sets (that is, do all 3 exercises for the reps or time given, then do it all again). As you work through the challenge the number of sets increases to 4.

The sets, reps and times are on the chart below and the exercise instructions are below the chart.

Two week tone up challenge chart

Exercise instructions

Warm up

Do 12 of each of these leg warm up exercises on the leg days and indoor cardio days:

Warm up Lunge behind

Warm up Knee lift

Challenge exercises



Wall sit

Basic crunch Reverse crunch


two week tone up challenge - Jack

two week tone up challenge - Mountain climber


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